The Tuskers vs. The Highlanders Preview

Will The Elephants Climb The Mountains Or Will The Mountains Bury The Elephants?

The Highlanders will travel south to face The Tuskers at Kochi’s Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium in what will be the last game of the league phase of ISL-3. Despite that, however, the game will be a tense affair because it will decide the fate of both the teams involved. The result of this game will define the last semi-finalist of the current season. The requirements are different for both the teams, though.

The Tuskers Form & Strategy

steve-coppell-kerala-blasters-fcKerala Blasters FC has better odds in this game. The Tuskers only need to avoid a loss to clinch the last playoff berth by virtue of the fact that they have a point more than their opponents in this game.

Considering the start The Tuskers had to the season, it is a surprise that they’ve made it so close to a semi-finals berth. Their first two games were losses but such is the turnaround by this team from the south that they’ve only lost 2 games out of 11 since.

They’ve achieved this turnaround by focusing on defence first. In fact, The Tuskers can be defined as a defensive English team because their offensive style is distinctively English. It is understandable too since they have an English manager in Steve Coppell.

Defensively, The Tuskers have relied on the leadership qualities of Aaron Hughes and the proactive qualities of Cedric Hengbart. Hengbart has aerially dominated most games he’s played, which is why he leads the league for aerial duels won. While Hughes hasn’t featured in the numbers, his marshalling of the Kerala defence has been one of the standout features of the league.

The offence of The Tuskers, unfortunately, hasn’t clicked as well as their defence which is evident in the fact that they’ve scored the least number of goals in the league. They would’ve probably not even scored that much if CK Vineeth hadn’t come into the fold and scored four goals in the last five games.

Vineeth, in fact, is the most in form striker in the league along with Marcelinho of Delhi Dynamos FC. He even has the best goal to game ratio. On top of his goals, he has also managed to contribute with an assist. Another offensively key player for The Tuskers will be Mohammed Rafi who is third in the league in headers. Rafi is an important cog of The Tuskers’ gameplay because they whip in a lot of crosses.

The Highlanders Form & Strategy

rowllin-borges-northeast-united-fcThe Tuskers’ opponents in this game are on a decent run of form since they’re unbeaten in their last four games. The Highlanders’ style of play is decidedly possession based. They pass the ball around till they spot an opportunity to set someone loose behind the opponents’ defence. Thus, they rely heavily on through balls.

Defensively, The Highlanders are an enigma. They don’t win a lot of headers, they don’t make a lot of tackles, and they don’t even have a lot of interceptions to their name. This simply means that their defence is passive in nature wherein they sit back with two banks of four and keep their opponents at an arm’s length.

They also have many good individual performers. Their keeper Subrata Paul is very accomplished and has the most clean sheets in the league. He is also 3rd in the league in saves. The Highlanders’ midfield lynchpin is the breakout Indian star, Rowllin Borges. Borges leads The Highlanders in passing and interceptions both. Amongst forwards, the dynamic running of Emiliano Alfaro and Nicolas Velez dovetails well with The Highlanders’ dependence on through balls.

The Highlanders have a fighting chance to clinch the last semi-finals birth but they need to win this game. A draw would be unacceptable. The Highlanders have actually remained in contention by the skin of their teeth.

In practice, they have managed to stay in contention by beating the all-conquering Delhi Dynamos FC in their last game. While that win was impressive, it needs to be taken in with the fact that The Pride didn’t have much to play for in that game. The same will not be true with The Tuskers.

Aerial Domination or Passing Possession?

This game is a clash of varying styles and The Tuskers are better suited for the win in this matchup. The Highlanders’ reliance on through balls plays directly into the hands of The Tuskers because they like to sit back and deny space to the opponents.

Similarly, The Tuskers’ dependence on crosses and headers will counter The Highlanders’ style of defence. More importantly, The Highlanders don’t have many accomplished headers in their team. Finally, The Tuskers are at home in this game and their home support is easily the best and most passionate in the entire league.

Their home support will put a lot of pressure on The Highlanders. We believe that these permutations will tell in the end on The Highlanders. Our prediction is a well-fought win for The Tuskers with a score line of 1 – 0. We’ll even stick our heads out and say that the goal will come from a header.



The Indian Rojiblancos vs. The Stallions Preview

Will the Stallions Herd One Last Time or Will the Bucks Be Broken?

The Indian Rojiblancos will welcome The Stallions into their home at the Rabindra Sarobar Stadium in Kolkata in a match that doesn’t have a lot of significance for the visitors.

The Stallions have let slip the chance to participate in the playoffs stage of the Indian Super League in the last few games. In contrast, the Indian Rojiblancos have already clinched their semi-final berth and all that needs to be decided is which spot they’ll occupy.

The Indian Rojiblancos’ Form & Strategy

Iain Hume, ATKAtletico De Kolkata is on a decent run too. They’ve not lost for five games in a row. The only blip in that record is that they’ve only won one game in five. In fact, draws have been a very inherent component of the Indian Rojiblancos’ performance this season. They’re the team with the most draws in the league.

This is a direct result of their “don’t lose first” strategy. Their style of play is incredibly strategic and tactical. This is evident in the fact that Atletico De Kolkata doesn’t only lead the league in tackles but also cards acquired. Fans will call their style pragmatic and result oriented while the detractors will call it negative.

Despite these descriptions, what you’ll find surprising is that the Indian Rojiblancos are a passing team. In fact, they pass the ball a lot and are the second leading passers in the league. Only the superlative Delhi Dynamos FC has passed more than Atletico De Kolkata.

Atletico De Kolkata may actually end up facing The Pride in the upcoming playoffs depending on how the last round of games of the league phase finish. In any case, it is likely that the Indian Rojiblancos will either face The Pride or Mumbai City FC, both very dangerous teams on the basis of their form this season.

Still, Atletico De Kolkata players would want to sign off the league phase with a win under their belt. For that, they’ll have to rely on their midfield lynchpin, Borja Fernandez. Borja makes the Indian Rojiblancos’ midfield tick. He has completed the most number of passes in the league and also happens to be the best tackler in the ATK team.

Offensively, ATK will rely on their leading scorer with five goals to his name, Iain Hume. Specifically, the Indian Rojiblancos will hope that the dynamism of Borja will click with the all-action attitude of Iain Hume and the pedigree of the Portuguese international, Helder Postiga, to unlock the Stallions’ defence.

The Stallions’ Form & Strategy

apoula-edima-edel-bete-the-stallionsFC Pune City’s defence may not actually pose the Indian Rojiblancos lots of problems simply because The Stallions don’t have anything to play for except pride. Effectively, motivation will be a big issue for the team that showed huge potential in the early parts of the season.

Notably, The Stallions were well on track to make the playoffs. They only lost their way in the last two games, both of which they lost. This was largely due to a certain lack of teamwork from them. As a matter of fact, it can be said that The Stallions failed to click as a herd with each buck running in its own direction. This is evident by the fact that many FCPC players feature as league leaders in various parameters.

For example, their midfield hard man and marquee players, Mohamed Sissoko happens to be 3rd in the league in passing, 3rd in the league in tackles, and 2nd in the league in aerial duels. Their striker Anibal Zurdo Rodriguez shares the 2nd spot in the league with Hume with 5 goals to his name.

Similarly, their midfield playmaker, Jonatan Lucca leads the league with 5 assists to his name. Even their goalkeeper, Apoula Edima Edel Bete has gotten in on the act by leading the league with 46 saves. In a nutshell, individually The Stallions have performed very well in this league but they’ve failed to click as a team. This is precisely why they’re not in the playoffs.

Will The Stallions Be Tamed?

Without the right motivation, even these players would be unable to make a difference in this game, however. Morale matters a lot, when it comes to how matches play out and in this scenario; the Indian Rojiblancos have more to play for.

More importantly, this will also be a home game for Atletico De Kolkata players, another factor that plays a role in a game’s result. Morale and home support will combine to give the Indian Rojiblancos the required boost. Thus, our prediction is a slim win for the Indian Rojiblancos.



The Gaurs vs. Super Machans Preview

How Low the Mighty Have Fallen

The two worst teams in the league will face off against each other as the Super Machans travel to The Gaurs’ home ground, Fatorda, Goa. Both Chennaiyin FC and FC Goa have effectively been pushed out of contention for the four playoff spots by their recent results.

Their respective third Indian Super League has been in direct contrast to how they performed in the previous season. The Super Machans and The Gaurs actually played the final last year, which was won by Chennaiyin FC. This time out, however, neither team has managed to replicate their form from the last season.

The Gaurs’ Form & Strategy

rafael-coelho-fc-goaFC Goa, especially, has been woeful and their statistics paint the clearest picture of how poor they’ve been. They’ve conceded the most goals as well as scored the least number of goals in the league till now. Naturally, this has given them the worst goal difference in the league too.

However, what will be even more disconcerting for Zico and The Gaurs is that they now have the ignominious record of being the team that has lost the most in a season in the history of Indian Super League. In a nutshell, The Gaurs’ morale is shot and they have nothing to play for, except pride.

In the third season of the Indian Super League, The Gaurs don’t even have the proverbial silver lining to their thunderous cloud. Two FC Goa players that stand out of the group are Rafael Coelho Luiz and Laxmikanth Kattimani. The striker because of his hardworking nature and the goalkeeper because he has the second most saves in the entire league.

You still have to commend Zico’s persistence because the Brazilian manager is still tinkering with his side, in an effort to find the right combination. You can view this as desperation to fix things or as the reason for all their failings. At the end of it all, though, FC Goa has nothing to look forward to in their last game against the Super Machans.

The Super Machans Form & Strategy

raphael augusto, super machansSuper Machans, themselves, are only slightly better off than The Gaurs. They’re better off because they find themselves out of contention for playoffs by the courtesy of a number of late goals. In fact, till the last game, they were in with a good shout for the fourth spot.

Unfortunately, they conceded a goal in the 95th minute and ended up drawing the game against NorthEast United FC. That draw meant that the Super Machans have now only won 1 game in 9 games! To be fair to them, that run includes five draws which means that they’ve only lost 3 times in 9 games.

Defence has been a problem for the Super Machans in this season. They’ve conceded the second most number of goals in this league and are only behind Goa by one goal.

Mathematically, the Super Machans can still make it to the fourth spot. After all, they’re only off by 3 points. The problem is that they have only one game left to play while their rivals have two and their goal difference is atrocious when compared to their rivals. The Super Machans will have to deliver a historic thumping to The Gaurs to have any chance of making it. This means a 4 to 6 goal win!

With the draw between Atletico De Kolkata and Kerala Blasters FC, there is no way that the Super Machans can make into the semis now. Since it was only a single win or the goal difference that is keeping draw between ATK and KBFC that kept the Super Machans out of the playoff spots, it can be said that they haven’t played that bad this season. Just a bit of luck in a few matches would’ve seen them nearer the fourth spot in the table.

They will look to sign off on this season with a big win simply because Materazzi is a proud and optimistic man. We expect Chennaiyin FC to turn up with an attacking 4-3-3 formation. They will look to feed a lot of balls to their in-form striker Macpherlin Dudu Omagbemi, who scored a hat-trick in the last game.

However, there is no player they will rely more on than Raphael Augusto. Augusto is the leading passer and has the second-most tackles in the league. Moreover, he is the main creative force for the Super Machans with team-leading 4 assists to his name. In defence, they have Karanjit Singh, the man with most clean sheets in the league.

Bad or Worse?

This game will find The Gaurs incredibly demoralised. In contrast, Materazzi will have his players revved up. Furthermore, nothing is going right for FC Goa this season. This lethal combination will see Zico’s team being on the end of a mauling.

For us, this is a certified win for the Super Machans. We expect them to beat their last season’s fellow finalists by 3 – 1. We also think that Dudu will be on the score sheet and that Augusto will dominate the midfield yet again.