ISL Blog was created to be a vehicle for the random meanderings of a mind clearly and irreversibly obsessed with football. That would be me, your host for the duration of your stay – Shaleen.

I’m a big fan of Arsenal and harbour hopes for the Indian football scene. The Indian Super League (ISL), in my opinion, carries the mother lode when it comes to the hopes and dreams of all Indian football fans.

I will attempt to beguile, bewitch, and befuddle you with all my views pertaining to the ISL through the ISL Blog.

I, however, solemnly promise to be unbiased in my meanderings and to give you an objective view of everything including but not limited to matches and the organisers of the ISL. What this does not include, though, is any comments or opinions involving Arsenal. For those, I reserve my right to be as biased as everyone is towards their own superegos.