The Franco Accusation; The Miku Speculation; The Ferrando Initiation

I go through football news like all of you. Us bloggers need to do it much more than you guys. How else do you think we allow ourselves to pretend to know so much? That is our hubris – “that we read news”. Lame but true. So in the most recent of my trawls, three little titbits stood out – the Franco Accusation, the Miku Speculation, and the Ferrando Initiation. Continue reading

A World Cup of Upsets; Deory, Mimouni and Chhetri

I would’ve written this post sooner but there just wasn’t enough to write about. There was the World Cup final and third-place playoff, of course, but there’s only so much you can write about something that the whole damn world is writing about. Besides, it took me a while to recover from those games. You have to watch the finals with full commitment, you know.

So France took the cup and didn’t care how much the English yelled that “it’s coming home”. The English didn’t even get the bronze medal. Serves them right, playing such atrocious football on the biggest stage in the world. You think they’ll give up glorifying their orcist tendencies in the EPL now? No? Neither do I. The English can be as thick-skinned as trolls sometimes. Continue reading

England’s Easy Path at the World Cup; KBFC & BFC Take Transfer Centre-stage; FC Goa’s Opportunism

I don’t want England to win the World Cup. There. I have now voiced out loud what will be one of the most unpopular opinions on the internet. I have very compelling reasons for this opinion, though, and none of them are that the England team is full of Spuds (although, that does bother me).

But, this is an intro so I can’t divulge the meat of what I’m going to write here. That’ll be like pissing in the wind while holding an axe over my own foot. Apart from my opinion on England at the World Cup, there are a few transfer dealings that you should know about if you like the Indian Super League. Here goes. Continue reading

World Cup Shocks; Habas the Henchman; “Nonsense” Trophy & a Couple of Signings

I was conflicted about this post. I was unsure whether I should write it before the beginning of the Round of 16 or after. For the record, I couldn’t make a decision. The decision was made for me simply because I dallied too long. I feel there’s a life-lesson somewhere here – something to do with how you can’t sit on the fence too long about anything and how stagnation is essentially a form of regression.

But, who cares about all, right? There are more important things to consider, like Argentina and Spain’s exit! That’s three world champions already out of the World Cup since Germany didn’t make it past the group stage. Continue reading

Icelandic Yoga and the ISL’s Focus on Stability

The FIFA World Cup is in full swing. Are you watching? I’m trying to watch. The late-night matches don’t work for me. The rest I try. I saw Mexico beat Germany and what smashing football they played to do it too. Swashbuckling performance, I say laddie! Then, there was the mighty Vikings taking down Argentina.

While the world focused on how Messi missed his penalty vis-à-vis Ronaldo’s hat trick; I had an altogether different observation. My observation has led me to the conclusion that yoga must’ve originated in Iceland. Continue reading