Armchair Scouting: Who Is Ahmed Jahouh?

Let me make something very clear to you lot out there, the signing of Jahouh is a damn coup for FC Goa. His skill set is such that I expect him to dominate the midfield in every game for the Gaurs. He is that bloody good.

There’s this dude called Nisanth who wrote a piece for recently titled “Marcelinho Who?…” It’s a well-written article and the theme is unique too but I feel that he missed a beat there. Well, Nisanth buddy, you talked about unknowns making a difference in ISL4. Jahouh will be one of those unknowns that you’re looking for and should’ve included in your article. Continue reading

Armchair Scouting: Who Is Adilson Goiano?

Did you know? Adilson Goiano has played for Mourinho? Oops, I got the spelling wrong there. It’s Morrinhos. It’s not the manager but a club. I can see why you would think he played for Jose Mourinho when he actually played for a very small club in Brazil. Gotcha, didn’t I? I couldn’t help but begin this armchair scouting piece without that little bit of trolling. What’s the point of the internet if there’s no trolling, eh? In any case, I’m sure you’ve figured out that I’ll be analysing Adilson Goiano in this instalment of Armchair Scouting. Continue reading

Armchair Scouting: Who Is Miku Fedor?

When I did a review of foreign players in the Indian Super League, Miku Fedor didn’t feature. That post came out on September 4th and Miku’s signing was only completed at the end of August. There wasn’t enough time for me to update that post. It was too big anyway and I couldn’t really add more to it. I just figured then that I’ll be writing this post in the future and let it go.

For the record, Miku deserved to be a part of that post. More so, than many other players. Why is that? You need to scout the player out for that… oh… right. You’re a smart one. Here’s my report. Continue reading

Armchair Scouting: Who Is Gregory Nelson?

Gregory Nelson is the first unknown (relatively speaking) I’ll be scouting on this blog from my armchair. It is a comfortable armchair. In fact, it is so comfortable that I get super scouting powers from it. That is why the all the great scouts of the world need to see players in real life while I can scout them in my undy fundies.

I assure you I’m a very humble man in my personal life. In this blog, I’m atrociously flagrant. That’s the internet these days though. “I’m flagrant, atrociously flagrant. I have the licence to be ridiculous.” The internet said so.

Back to the subject of one Mr Nelson. He was a great freedom fighter in South Africa. Oops, wrong Nelson. Gregory Nelson is the subject of my attention today. Here’s my (armchair) scout report. Continue reading