Goa Show Delhi the Value of the Final Ball: Delhi Dynamos FC 1 – 5 FC Goa Review

Cutting Edge Proves To Be the Difference

There was only one way that Delhi Dynamos FC was going to win against FC Goa and that was a smash and grab. This meant that Delhi had to score first and then shut up shop. Shutting up shop for them would’ve meant keeping the ball and using possession as a form of defence. But, the moment they went behind, their fate was set. Continue reading

Bengaluru Tactically Outclass Pune: FC Pune City 1 – 3 Bengaluru FC Review

Roca Shows Popovich Who’s The Boss

Have no doubts about it – Bengaluru FC will be in the semi-finals this year. Whether they win it all in the end or not cannot be predicted but they will definitely make it to the playoffs. No team in the league exhibits the kind of solidity that they do. No team has even showed the kind of tactical agility that Bengaluru has shown in the last five games. The way they won this game is a testimony to how versatile their tactical playbook is and how evolved their teamwork is. Before I explain why I made that statement, though, a word for FC Pune City. Continue reading

Defensive Disaster for KBFC as FC Goa Dominate: FC Goa 5 – 2 Kerala Blasters Review

Kerala Blasters Torn Apart By Excellent Goan Attack

This game was billed as the ultimate attack vs. defence matchup. It was supposed to be a tight game. Goa must’ve lost their script. This was neither a “matchup” nor a “tight game”. It was a slaughter. It was an exhibition of excellent attacking football. It was Goa’s challenge to the rest of the league. Now, if they can only stop the Lobera – Kattimani Bromance. Continue reading

Entertainment from the Only Two ISL Champions: Chennaiyin FC 0 – 0 ATK Review

Chennaiyin FC and ATK play out another ISL Classic

When teams with pedigree come together, you’ve got to expect something good. It doesn’t always end up in fireworks though. Sometimes, that something good is just a very technical and tactical chess game. Other times, that something good is good ol’ fashioned punch counter-punch. When ATK visited Chennaiyin FC yesterday, it was neither. It was both! Continue reading