Anelka Drives Sunil Chhetri Auction Win!

Mumbai City FC Sign Sunil Chhetri

So, the most popular Indian player’s fate in the Indian Super League 2.0 is sealed. He was picked up by Mumbai City FC led by Anelka for no less than Rs 1.2 crore. The main contenders for Chhetri’s signature were, surprise surprise, Delhi Dynamos FC.

In fact, Delhi came very close to grabbing Chhetri with a bid of Rs 1.15 crore before Mumbai took it up a notch to the final price.

Most people expected Atletico De Kolkata to bid for Chhetri and there will be many long faces in the City of Joy as no bids came out.

However, I don’t really expect those faces to remain long for…err… long because I expect they will announce a marquee striker soon. Even if their marquee player turns out to be a playmaker, it’s not all doom and gloom for them because they already have the star of last season Iain Hume.

Sunil Chhetri’s Capture Shows Anelka’s Perspective

Mumbai City FC's Sunil Chhetri

Yay! I can learn from Anelka…

It’s interesting that Mumbai City FC acquired Chhetri since their marquee player – manager is Nicolas Anelka.

This is a sign of what Anelka thinks of his own fitness levels because if he felt that he could carry Mumbai City FC singlehandedly, he wouldn’t have bid for a striker.

This is also a good sign for mumbaikers because it shows that Anelka is not thinking with his ego and pride and is instead using his head with regard to leading Mumbai City FC.

Delhi Dynamos FC’s Competing Bid

Delhi Dynamos FC’s shambolic preparation for ISL 2 continued, however, as they couldn’t go all out for Sunil Chhetri. Delhi Dynamos FC, unfortunately, started really later with regard to preparing their squad and, I believe, part of the reason for that was that they didn’t have a manager.

As soon as Roberto Carlos confirmed his position with the capital’s team, the Dynamos management went into overdrive trying to secure players for their squad. However, while Delhi Dynamos FC failed to secure Sunil Chhetri’s coveted signature, they did managed to swoop in for the other high profile striker Robin Singh who was born and brought up in Delhi.