Arsenal and Man UTD Legends to Grace Indian Soil

Arsenal and Man UTD

Thierry Henry!!

Paul Scholes!!

The Neville Brothers!!

Cole and Yorke!!

Robert Pires!!

Ryan Giggs!!

David Seaman!!

Saha, Silvestre, Irwin, Parker, Butt!!!!

Aaaaahhh! I believe it’s time for football fans to go mad. I know I am. It seems that all these great names I have listed above will be gracing Indian soil.

Arsenal and Man UTD

Arsenal and Man UTD in India!

No, I have not invented a time machine. Neither have I figured out a way to enter an alternate universe where the Indian Super League is greater than English Premier League and I am the de facto manager of Arsenal. If pigs had wings…

What I have come across is information that these legends of the great game of football will be playing a couple of Masters Cup matches in Goa.

When? You ask me with your tongue lolling and drooling about like a football sycophant?

Don’t worry mine is dangling like an anteater too!

The games will occur in the first week of June. June 3 and June 7 to be precise.

The first match will supposedly take place at the Cooperage stadium of Mumbai City FC, while the second match will be hosted by the Nehru Stadium of FC Goa.

What’s The Gig about Arsenal and Man UTD Players in India?

Arsenal and Man UTD

Henry and Pires

While I don’t like to wonder about the guthli (the seed for all the foreigners here) while gobbling down the aam (that will be the mango around the seed), my journalistic sense tingles every time I give it a bye.

The news is that the Western India Football Association (WIFA) and Goa Football Association (GFA) have been directed by the Indo Global Foundation to prepare the facilities of the games.

Supposedly, they have actually been asked to make ‘elaborate arrangements’, keeping with the importance of the event.

I like this Indo Global Foundation already. They seem to know their football and seem to also have their priorities right i.e. football before politics. I wonder who they are though because I can’t find jack about them anywhere except for a barely fleshed out Facebook page.

If any one of you knows, kindly give me a heads-up. I’m very curious.

An Annual Football Masters Cup in India

Schole and Giggs

Schole and Giggs

Back to the story here – it seems that this event will be an annual affair, if you’re willing to believe Henry Menezes, the CEO of WIFA.

I am inclined to believe him simply because he revealed that his stadium has already been booked by the organisers. According to him, there will be a total of 32 ex – Arsenal and Man UTD players, of which 26 would have World Cup caps in their records.

The Indo Global Foundation chose to not reveal the names of the players citing the lame excuse that the ‘charm will be lost’. He did give away some information by stating that there will be 10 players at the level of ISL Marquee players. He went on to add that having a minimum of 100 caps is a loose prerequisite.

ISL Blog had earlier reported on the chances of Thierry Henry coming to India. Apparently, we were just off by the timing.

Still, the names we came up with above were leaked out. Smart strategy from the organisers that!

Now we look forwards to the first match, which is just under a month away!