FC Goa 2015 Squad – Lucio to Be Their ISL Marquee Player?

Lucio for FC Goa 2015 Squad

FC Goa look all set to make the ISL 2015 season even better than their ISL 2014 season. The preparations have been fast-tracked which has resulted in the Goans almost on the verge of finalising their ISL 2015 squad. The highlight of moves being made in terms of FC Goa 2015 squad is that they may sign the Brazilian defender Lucio as their next ISL Marquee Player.

Who Is Lucio and What’s Will He Bring to FC Goa 2015 Squad?

Lucio boasts of a career that can make most footballers envious. He has won virtually everything there is to be won in a footballer’s career. His accolades include.

  • FIFA World Cup with Brazil (2002)
  • FIFA Confederations Cup with Brazil (2005 and 2009)
  • UEFA Champions League with Inter Milan (2009-2010)
  • Coppa Italia with Inter Milan (2009-2010 and 2010-2011)
  • Serie A with Inter Milan (2009-2010)
  • DFB – Ligapokal or German League Cup with Bayern Munich (2004 and 2007)
  • DFB – Pokal or German Cup with Bayern Munich (2004-2005, 2005-2006, and 2007-2008)
  • Bundesliga with Bayern Munich (2004-2005, 2005-2006, and 2007-2008)
Lucio for FC Goa 2015 Squad

Lucio for FC Goa 2015 Squad

Lucio will bring a lot of experience to the FC Goa 2015 squad defence and will most probably by partnering Gregory Arnolin who had a wonderful debut Indian Super League season last time out.

The Brazilian is typically a no nonsense defender with a lot of upper body strength and a good leap off the ground. His ball control skills, while not legendary, are good enough for him to be a ball playing defender in the ISL.

At the age of 36, Lucio may not have a lot of speed, but he will look to compensate for that with his experience. Lucio also has a mean freekick on him.

Why Is Lucio Replacing Robert Pires as FC Goa’s ISL Marquee Player?

Robert Pires, FC Goa

Goodbye FC Goa

It comes as no surprise that FC Goa have decided on a new ISL Marquee Player as Robert Pires could only play eight games out of a total of 16.

In fact, if you assess Pires’s contributions in those eight games, it becomes clear why FC Goa’s pragmatic coach Zico chose to do without him and look to add Lucio to the FC Goa 2015 squad. Here are Pires’s stats.

  • Played eight games,
  • Didn’t complete those eight games and only played 561 minutes which is equivalent to just over six full games, and
  • Scored one goal and made no assists.

The impact of Robert Pires was limited on the pitch. These numbers aren’t surprising because at the age of 41, everyone knew that Pires was brought in for marketing reasons rather than footballing reasons.

Lucio or Riquelme; Zico Chooses

Juan Roman Riquelme

Juan Roman Riquelme

Zico was actually given a list of players who were interested in becoming ISL Marquee players for FC Goa 2015 squad. In the end, Zico shortlisted Lucio and Juan Roman Riquelme as potential member of FC Goa 2015 squad.

Those of you who’ve been following football for some time will remember Riquelme being brought to Europe by the resurgent Barcelona FC in 2002. Riquelme only played for Barcelona 30 times in three years before he was shipped to Villareal FC.

Riquelme actually made a name for himself with the Yellow Submarine. At Villareal Riquelme pulled strings from the midfield with Diego Forlan, who is being linked with Atletico De Kolkata, the most obvious beneficiary. Both would go on to become famous players from their countries and in Europe. Riquelme will be 37 years and is an attacking midfielder.

Riquelme’s age and the fact that he plays in midfield is probably why Zico chose to go with Lucio over him. Riquelme retired in 2011-2012 before making a comeback for his childhood team Boca Juniors. At the beginning of this Riquelme retired again but is still being connected to ISL as a potential ISL Marquee Player. Riquelme, by the way, also has a very good freekick on him.

I believe Zico made a wiser and much more informed choice in choosing Lucio over Riquelme for FC Goa 2015 sqaud. The reason for this is that the latter may not have much in the tank for the rigours of ISL. Lucio is a safer bet and has shown a keen interest in working with Zico.

Zico Key to Lucio’s Potential Arrival to Indian Shores

Zico, seeing the potential of his team, has decided to get a player who is only 36 and can contribute far more than Pires did at 36 to the FC Goa 2015 squad. It’s also a smart move to sign a central defender as the ISL Marquee Player because central defenders tend to have longer playing careers. Central defenders aren’t required to have a lot of stamina since they don’t have to run as much as midfielders who cover much greater areas.

For example, Paolo Maldini, the epitome of central defenders in recent history played at the top of the ladder till he was 41. Maldini was playing for AC Milan as late as 2009. He was born in 1968. Granted, players like Maldini come once in a lifetime but Lucio is also in the same mould. What’s better is that Lucio is only 36 and is still playing at the top of the league in Brazil. More importantly, Lucio looks to be very keen to work with the legendary coach Zico.

Mainstream media is reporting that Lucio already has a written offer in front of him. Moreover, it is expected that he will sign very soon, if he hasn’t already.



  1. I love your enthusiasm about Indian football and have read all your posts and do agree to most of ur claims . however , I believe you have forgotten to mention quite a few names and hence this comment… Foreign players like Del piero , trezeguet, ljungberg etc may have failed to impact the ISL , but they’ve done much more than that for India.. They’ve opened the gates for many others… People who refer to the Isl will always remember the fact that such big names turned up for the very first edition of the league. Players like mikael silvestre, Miguel Garcia and borja do deserve a special mention.. And as far as Indian players go , I think balwant Singh is hyped and does not deserve the credit he is getting.. Jeje lalpekhlua , on the other hand was the top Indian scorer with 4 goals and yet has got no mention anywhere.. Sandesh jhingan was of course the best find of isl , however players like jackichand (who strikingly plays very much like his idol messi) – not an overstatement , and sunil chettri would be interesting to see this year. Also do let me know your opinion on the application to allow players with pio status represent India… #lets football !!

    • I agree with you Harshit that these big name foreign players have made a difference in putting Indian football on the map.They have indeed opened the floodgates when it comes to the allure of the ISL for other players. My worry is this – I don’t want ISL to become a retirement home like the MLS or even the Qatar and Chinese leagues. If you followed world football, then you know what happened to Anzi Makhachkala. I don’t want the same fate to befall to ATK and FC Goa. I would prefer us to draw on players from tier 2 leagues of Europe rather than retirees. My premise is that I want the quality of Indian football to improve simultaneously with its fame. Right now, ISL teams seem to only want fame as opposed to quality.

      As for the Indian players, Balwant Singh is overrated but so are most Indian players with the exception of some big names like Das, Romeo, Jhingan, and some others.Despite of what Jeje did, according to me even he is overrated. I don’t just rate goals but the overall contribution of the players which is why I rate Romeo, Jhingan, and co over the goalscorers. Jeje is only 24 so lets see what he can do. I, like you, am curious to see Chhetri, Robin, and Jackichand in ISL2. I have a feeling they will do OK but will not light up the league most Indian football fans are claiming. Remember, they’ll be up against high level defenders as opposed to Asian defenders. It will be a big leap in terms of quality. Let’s see if they can make it.

      I support the drive to allow PIO status players to play for India wholeheartedly. There’s deficit of quality in Indian football and these players can make a difference. Having said that, I don’t rate Chopra and don’t think he’ll improve the level of the Indian football team. So, in principle PIO status shouldn’t be a criteria for rejection. Instead, it should be a qualifying criteria with the final selection based on merit alone. On that basis, I am not sure Chopra will make it in our top 11.

      I can’t comment on Anelka’s managerial skills since no one really knows what tactical acumen he has. Off the top of my head though, I don’t think he has the temperament to be a manager. Too flighty and sulky. There’s a reason he’s called The Great Sulk.

      There’s been a huge gap in my postings recently. Its mainly due to the fact that I’ve been too busy with my other projects. Your comment, so to speak, has returned the fire in my belly. I hope to devote more time to this blog from now on. I think I’ll begin with the much touted auction and once the squads are more or less complete, I’ll do a SWAT analysis of the teams. Hoping to hear more from you on those posts. Thanks for commenting. #Lets Football indeed!!


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