Pires, Habas, and Lemessa Receive ISL Bans

ISL BansIt seems the altercation between Pires, Habas, and Lemessa have resulted in the first proper flexing of legal muscles by the Indian Super League i.e. ISL bans. From reports, it seems that a scuffle broke out between FC Goa’s Robert Pires on one side and the manager of Atletico de Kolkata, Antonio Lopez Habas, and Kolkata’s striker, Fikru Lemessa, on the other.

Early media reports suggested that Pires was punched by Habas and there was no further details provided. However, after a thorough investigation, all the parties have been charged with breaching the rule of governed by Offensive Behaviour and Fair Play clause (Article 58) of the AIFF Disciplinary Code.

Robert Pires and Fikru Lemessa have been banned for two matches of ISL while Habas has received a four match ISL ban which confirms that he did, indeed, take a dislike to Pires’s toothy smirk. Kolkata’s goalkeeping coach, one Predipkumar Bhaktawer was handed a one match suspension as well.

In addition to these ISL bans and suspensions, Pires, Lemessa, and Habas, each have been fined a tidy sum of Rs 5,00,000 (five lakh). Bhaktawer was told to pay up Rs 30,000 (thirty thousand) as well.

That’s nice of ISL organisers – to pocket about Rs 15, 30, 000. I wonder what they plan to do with the money. Will there be some investment in the country’s football players?