Rumours Abound about Next Year’s ISL Marquee Players

Thierry Henry may join the other ISL marquee players to light up the Indian Super League next year. I can’t keep the grin off my face! What wonderful news! But then what do you expect from an Arsenal fan? Any football lover should love this man, even if you’re not an Arsenal fan. After all, he is going to be the only Invincible playing on Indian soil. The man led a team through 49 unbeaten matches. How can you not love him if you love football?

Really…Henry May Join FC Goa Next Year

You! Yes You! He's Coming to Dazzle You!

Pires: You! Yes You! He’s Coming to Dazzle You!

Seriously speaking though, according to L’Equipe of France, it’s possible that Thierry Henry will join FC Goa as their ISL marquee player. L’Equipe’s article even went on to suggest that Pires has been selling the ISL to his long time buddy. If you’re wondering what will happen to Robert Pires then I have even better news. He’ll become the team’s Player Manager so that Henry can become their marquee players. Imagine that, seeing Vroom power on Indian soil.

As per reports in the French publication, Henry has supposedly already had a chat with Pires about the likelihood of joining FC Goa next year. As many of you may already know, Henry was approached by Delhi Dynamos before this inaugural season began but he declined to join the league possibly because he was uncertain of the quality of the league. However, the formal reasoning given for the rejection was that he was tied with his current club New York Red Bulls.

ISL’s Rising Popularity Abroad Cited as the Reason

It seems the rising popularity of the Indian Super League has been turning heads all over the world. Reports even suggest that the ISL marquee players have managed to lure some European audience for the Indian Super League.

It’s not that surprising though because ISL marquee players like Robert Pires, Alessandro Del Piero, Koke, Luis Garcia, and Capdevila all have devoted fans from their respective countries. There’re also South American players in the league who have a decent following in their respective countries such as Elano. It’s probably all these fans of key ISL marquee players who have increased the viewership of the Indian Super League abroad abroad.

Other Possible ISL Marquee Players?

Before I let my excitement over Henry’s possible (hopefully impending) arrival get out of hand, I should mention that he isn’t the only legend who may be joining our band of ISL marquee players next year. It’s possible that former England International and Manchester United icon Rio Ferdinand along with formerly Bayern Munich’s and Peru International Claudio Pizarro may also join the ranks of ISL marquee players next year. I am so happy that I started this blog! Cheers!