Chennaiyin FC vs. FC Pune City Preview

Chennaiyin FC vs. FC Pune City

Chennaiyin FC vs. FC Pune City

As I prepare for Chennaiyin FC vs. FC Pune City by writing this. very. bit.* I can’t help but want Chennaiyin FC to win this game by a margin of 2 or more than 2 goals. The sole reason why I want this is that I want Atletico De Kolkata to be knocked off their perch. I don’t dislike them or anything like that. It’s just what the purists would like to call anti-incumbency**.

I have a feeling Atletico De Kolkata is going to end up being the pre-David Moyes Manchester United of the Indian Super League***. They’ll always be top or thereabouts and be disliked by the fans of other teams because of it. Of course, the underdog supporters will also not like them so much. They will, essentially, be a team that everyone loves to hate.

How Can Chennaiyin FC Go Top?

Back to the point or 2 points as the case may be here, if Chennaiyin FC win by a margin of 2 or more than 2 goals then they go top because their GD right now is 3 while Atletico De Kolkata’s is 5. With a win of 2 goals, Chennaiyin FC’s GD will be equal to Atletico De Kolkata but they would’ve scored more goals i.e. 16 to Kolkata’s 12. At least, this is what I understand of the ISL rules.

The table standings are decided on the basis of three things. Their order of priority – goals > goal difference > goals scored.

I should also add that Chennaiyin FC is on an unbeaten run of 5 games that they would want to maintain at home.

FC Pune’s Gossamer Dreams

FC Pune City can also go top of the table but their hopes are only numerical in nature because the odds are stacked against them. Simply speaking, I don’t think they have a chance of pulling off a win with a margin of 6 goals, as much as we may wish for it. They may reinstate David Trezeguet into the team again but even the French wizard would be unable to bring them 6 goals in a single game.

We must also consider the fact that the defences of ISL are much more potent than the offenses. In fact, I’m not entirely sure Chennaiyin can score 2 goals without letting any in to be honest but they do have Elano the Brazilian goal machine so anything’s possible. This one will be an interesting one but I predict a win for Chennaiyin FC.

*Kindly ignore the number of grammar rules I’ve flouted there. I cite my right for artistic licence.

**The party in power must be taken down! Happened to INC in the last election you know. There are very few parties in the world who’ve been in power for more than 2 full terms and come back for a third one. No, dictatorships don’t count, you wiseasses.

***The current Manchester United is a parody of the Golden Generation. They should change their name to Boychester Divided, that’s how poorly they’re playing right…“men against boys”…phaw!