Preview: FC Pune City & Delhi Dynamos to Firm up The Ground That They Stand On

FC Pune City vs. Delhi Dynamos FC

FC Pune City vs. Delhi Dynamos FC

A quick post today as I have to drive about 40 Km today. To the wiseasses amongst you who think that’s not much, I have only one thing say – you don’t know where I’m driving to. The location matters, you know.

So, Delhi Dynamos FC travel to the biking capital of India and must be hoping that they perform like superbikes because Pune will definitely be like the cruisers. That analogy is fitting on so many levels.

FC Pune City the Cruisers

FC Pune City have the lead on all other potential qualifiers in the table with 16 points. If they get a win and a draw i.e. 4 points from their last two games then they would qualify.

The point being that there’s no desperation to the way they have to ride their bikes, they can simply cruuuiiise…

They can win this one and draw their next game or they can draw this one and win the next one. There are options open to them and they can adapt as the situations present themselves.

FC Pune City also have a relatively relaxed playing style. They don’t rush about the field of football and instead seem to rely more on power. They just give off that impression of languidness.

Not the graceful and relaxed languidness but the lumbering kind of languidness. I don’t know why but that’s what I get from seeing them. That’s a cruiser for you. Tough to manoeuvre but very, very true on the road.

Delhi Dynamos the Superbikes

Alessandro Del Piero, Delhi Dynamos FC

Alessandro Del Piero, Delhi Dynamos FC

Delhi Dynamos FC, on the other hand, need to play even more like superbikes. They need speed because the only realistic way they’re going to qualify for the next round is if they beat FC Pune City today and follow that up by beating Chennaiyin FC in their final game.

Delhi Dynamos are on 14 points while FC Pune City are on 16 points. Delhi’s main competitors for the 4th spot are Pune and Kerala Blasters FC (16 points). By beating FC Pune City today, they can leapfrog them.

The best part is that Pune and Kerala play against each other in their final game. So, at best one of them can get 19 points. With 2 wins Delhi Dynamos FC will be on 20 points.

If Delhi Dynamos draw this one then they’ll have to hope that Pune and Kerala draw their final game too. Depending on two other teams to draw is possibly the worst thing in football.

No Coaches Speak For You Today

Colomba & Trezeguet for Pune

Colomba & Trezeguet for Pune

In terms of inside the game, Delhi Dynamos FC have a very zooming, rushing, and buzzing style. They tend to beat their opponents with trickery and manoeuvrability rather than power or strength. Hence, the superbike analogy applies here too.

I won’t really go into what the coaches are saying from each team. Suffice it to say that they are stating the usual platitudes in the category of “we have to win”, “the league is competitive”, etc. etc.

One element that is important from the coach speak is that FC Pune City report that everyone is fit while Delhi Dynamos FC do not. This means that Pune have David Trezeguet and Davide Colomba at their disposal while Delhi Dynamos FC are still without Alessandro Del Piero. Del Piero, reportedly, is down with fever and some cramps.

I don’t know what he ate in Delhi but the man is in a poor way. I think he must’ve gone to Punjabi Bagh and had one of their rich, oily, and spice meals. Delhi food isn’t for everyone my friend, its better you stick to the more gentle stuff first.

Also, remember that Franco Colomba is suspended for the next match so it’ll be his assistant of 40 years, Giovanni Mei conducting the orchestra on the sidelines.