Match Report: Delhi Dynamos FC 1 – 4 FC Goa

I know, I know. There was no report yesterday but there was a solid reason for it. Ahem… it was that I didn’t want to watch that game. As good a reason as any right? Fine, fine, maybe not. You see, I had a feeling that yesterday’s match would be a draw and a bore draw at that. Looks like, I was right. The sad bit is that I felt the same way about today’s match. The only reason I decided to watch Delhi Dynamos FC vs. FC Goa and write this report is a misplaced sense of duty and dedication… cough.

My Expectations from Delhi Dynamos FC vs. FC Goa

Delhi Dynamos FC vs. FC Goa

Delhi Dynamos FC vs. FC Goa

This was a game between the 2 bottom hugging teams and it was evident from the way they played. It’s worth mentioning that FC Goa is quickly reaching a point where they’ll find it very difficult to leave the riverbed and rise to the surface.

Delhi Dynamos FC’s position, on the other hand, was still retrievable with a single win. They could’ve gone from second bottom to the fifth position with a win here. My opinion, before the match, was that if either of the teams scored a goal then they would all but guarantee a draw and increase their chances of a win. This was my reasoning.

Goa, along with Kerala Blasters FC, had scored the least number of goals in the league while Delhi Dynamos FC had only scored 1 more. Delhi did have a good defence on their side because they had let in the least number of goals in the league. At best, I thought this would be a 1 – 0 but a 0 – 0 was more likely.

Happily, Goa proved me wrong in the most sensational manner possible by taking down Delhi Dynamos by 4 goals to nil. The funniest thing is that Delhi Dynamos FC is the only team that Goa has defeated till now. They’ve played 8 games and only won 2.

Pires Leads FC Goa – FC Goa Leads Delhi Dynamos FC

Youness Bengelloun, FC Goa

Youness Bengelloun, FC Goa

Goa started brightly, much brighter than their previous matches particularly with Pires playing dominantly. They had Santos back in their team and he was played in an attacking role near their striker. On the other end, Delhi Dynamos FC decided to give Alessandro Del Piero a rest.

Their domination almost bore fruit a couple of times. Once from Robert Pires whose sidefooted shot was deflected and once from Tolgay Ozbey. This was followed by Andre Santos heading a ball onto the post. It was a free header. All this happened for Goa within the first 15 minutes.

Goa finally broke through but it was again from a defender – Bengelloun. Bengelloun scored because of presence of mind. He was the first one to react to the Delhi keeper’s save from a header from Peter Carvalho. Delhi Dynamos FC 0 – 1 FC Goa.

For Delhi, the most influential player was Hans Mulder who is known for romancing Agent Scully and Princess Leia in his free time. Despite his star power, he wasn’t able to do much for Delhi in the first half. By the way, do any of you participate in Star Sports’ social media wars? I’d be very interested in how many of you actually tweet. For all you know, the people at Star Sports show percentage because they only get like 10 votes. Let us know if you tweet in the comments section and maybe we can find out if the truth is out there

A Walk on the Beach through a Goal Fest for Goa

Tolgay Ozbey, FC Goa

Tolgay Ozbey, FC Goa

Goa started the second half the way they played the first half – with style. Within 3 minutes into the second half, Pires won a freekick and Santos put in a wonderful ball which Bengelloun headed in.

The Delhi keeper came out but failed to connect with the ball. Bengelloun reached it first and guided it into the net. That was Goa’s and Bengelloun’s second goal. Delhi Dynamos 0 – 2 FC Goa.

Within another 5 minutes, Goa won a penalty when Tolgay Ozbey was brought down by the Delhi keeper. Robert Pires stepped up and scored his first goal in the ISL, his first goal in 3 years, and Goa’s third goal of the match. Game, Set, Match. Delhi Dynamos FC 0 – 3 FC Goa.

Another 7 minutes and it was another goal. The provider of the previous goal became the goalscorer as Tolgay Ozbey drove into the centre of the Delhi box and powered a shot into the roof of the net. Beautiful finish to make the score Delhi Dynamos FC 0 – 4 FC Goa.

Delhi Dynamos FC did manage to pull one back through a penalty taken by the 20 year old Brazilian Gustavo Dos Santos. They won the penalty through a handball. It was a consolation goal. Delhi Dynamos FC 1 – 4 FC Goa. Dos Santos, by the way, looks to be a good player. Delhi Dynamos FC tried very hard to get some more goals but it was simply too little too late.

What Can We Take Away From This Game?

Robert Pires, FC Goa

Robert Pires, FC Goa

Goa were on their way to their first away win in the league. I immediately wondered if this would turn their season around. I wondered if they will now start their meteoric rise to the top of the table.

Even though I am from Delhi, I feel ecstatic with Goa’s win. I don’t mind. Before I had watched even a single match of the Indian Super League, I had said in my first post that Goa is my favourite team because of the Arsenal connection and the wonderful time I’ve had in their city.

I was extremely disappointed with their style of play but in this game they showed what they’re capable of. Stuff of dreams, if they manage to climb the table all the way to the top.

I was particularly happy with Robert Pires’s performance. He was like a diva except he had the attitude of the girl next door. He controlled the game till he was on and once he came off, you could tell how much it affected Goa. They looked bereft of ideas and leadership without him.

Delhi Dynamos FC, I believe, can now be called the poorest team in the league. For some reason, they failed to bring on Alessandro Del Piero. He didn’t look injured to me and there’s no such news also. I’m assuming this was a tactical decision but what kind of a coach chooses to leave Del Piero on the bench when he goes down 1, 2, 3, and 4 goals down?

Some poor decisions and Goa finally clicking together cost them the game. The only reason they weren’t bottom of the league was because Goa were playing worse than them. They don’t have that luxury now.