The Indian Super League Tumbleweed

mr-islblog-tumbleweedThat image ^^ dear folks is how the world of ISL Blog has been in the last few months. That little stick figure, as you geniuses have guessed by now, is supposed to be yours truly. You can view this image of Indian Super League Tumbleweed™ in various ways. Case in point:

  • Mr ISL Blog chasing the Indian Super League Tumbleweed™ in the desert that is ISL Blog so as to build something great on it.
  • Mr ISL Blog chasing the Indian Super League Tumbleweed™ except in a twist of the dreamscape, the tumbleweed ends up being his little brain (read fluffed up ball of strings with air in the middle)
  • Mr ISL Blog chasing the Indian Super League Tumbleweed™ so as to strangle it simply because he has had nothing to write about all these months.
  • Mr ISL Blog chasing the Indian Super League Tumbleweed™ in the hopes that some of that tumbleweed may tumble into his stumbling life and result in some peace and quiet.

Eh, Never. Gonna. Happen. I have been away. That be the greatest understatement of the year. Almost the same as “you know nothing, John Snow”. His stabbing was the greatest KLPD known to man. But now that he’s alive, all is forgiven. Yeah! All of you shouting “Spoiler Alert! Spoiler Alert”, if you didn’t know this by now then you have no social life to speak of. Forever Alone springs to mind almost as springily as the tumbleweed.

The Joker and The Thief

The Joker and The Thief

Back to the point – I have been away and then some. But Madame, I have good excuse…I have written a book in the past few months, started a new company, raised a brat of a fur ball (a little pug) from infancy to the maximum level of annoyance, and am currently about to become a daddy (Mrs ISL Blog doesn’t want me to share a pic). Cue gasps, oohs of wonder, and that sweet old awestruck expression. Please sprinkle some good wishes for Master ISL Blog soon to grace the gloriously twisted, Escher inspired, quotidian eschewing, and plain old hectic world of the ISL Blog family.

I’ll get back to the point for the third time now. I have been away…erm…no more divergences. However much the Indian Super League Tumbleweed™ has annoyed us in recent history (oye, make it a full year season FFS), it has moved on. I didn’t really cover yesterday’s match, considering the fact that Kerala Blasters FC (boring) were playing NorthEast United FC (perennially on the verge of good football). I will be here today, though, simply because Atletico De Kolkata will be taking on Chennaiyin FC and these matches are always fun to cover.

Today’s news.

The Intelligentsia are without Habas the Henchman and I wonder if they’re gonna have an identity crisis because of this. The Henchman had truly put his trademark™ on this team and I expect them to struggle without the brute intelligence of the intelligent brute.

Chennaiyin, on the other hand, are well entrenched. Materazzi is still their leader and I have to say I’m keen to see how he has developed and how the team has developed after last year’s amazing win. I also want to see the new look Chennaiyin. New look, you ask? Well, they neither have Elano (early, late, and forever) Blumer nor Stiven Men(the bull)doza! Instead, they have John Arne Riise (good playa but where’s the flaiya).

Well, I’m pumped for this one. Take it away boys.