World Cup Shocks; Habas the Henchman; “Nonsense” Trophy & a Couple of Signings

I was conflicted about this post. I was unsure whether I should write it before the beginning of the Round of 16 or after. For the record, I couldn’t make a decision. The decision was made for me simply because I dallied too long. I feel there’s a life-lesson somewhere here – something to do with how you can’t sit on the fence too long about anything and how stagnation is essentially a form of regression.

But, who cares about all, right? There are more important things to consider, like Argentina and Spain’s exit! That’s three world champions already out of the World Cup since Germany didn’t make it past the group stage. Continue reading

What Is Wrong With Pune City and Why They Haven’t Performed In 3+ Seasons?

Is Pune City the whipping boy of the Indian Super League? Their historical performance in the ISL seems to suggest so. Let me explain. Pune City came sixth in the first season, seventh in the second, and sixth again in the third. Those are seasons with eight teams remember. Technically, those positions can be said to be mid-table but they can also be said to be third last, second last, and third last. More than anything, though, it is the performance that concerns me. Continue reading