Goa Show Delhi the Value of the Final Ball: Delhi Dynamos FC 1 – 5 FC Goa Review

Cutting Edge Proves To Be the Difference

There was only one way that Delhi Dynamos FC was going to win against FC Goa and that was a smash and grab. This meant that Delhi had to score first and then shut up shop. Shutting up shop for them would’ve meant keeping the ball and using possession as a form of defence. But, the moment they went behind, their fate was set. Continue reading

Passing Experts to Exchange Notes: Delhi Dynamos FC vs. FC Goa Preview

Delhi Dynamos to Be Given a Lesson in the Art of the End Product by FC Goa

This is a meeting of the passing experts of the Indian Super League. Both teams are prolific passers. They like to build their attacks from the back, stroke the ball around the midfield and only then move into attack. They’re alike because they like to pass but are they really alike in how they play? You may think that this is a cryptic question but once I explain, you’ll see what I mean. For that, though, you’ll have to do some reading… Continue reading