Lots and Lots of Signings: Josep Gombau, Iain Hume, Gerson Vieira, Mourtada Fall, Robin Singh

Do you know what the problem with East Bengal (and Mohun Bagan) is? They have this high opinion of themselves that is based on nothing but tradition. Neither of these clubs has performed well in the last decades barring one-off titles here or there. Other much poorly funded teams from hitherto unknown footballing parts of the country and overshadowed them. And, they still think they can call the shots… Continue reading

Efficient FCPC Put Goa to the Sword: FC Goa 0 – 2 FC Pune City Review

One-Trick Pony FC Goa Lose Because of No Plan B

A high flying team was brought down to Earth yesterday and a blogger humbled. The high flying team was FC Goa, the blogger yours truly. The deliverer of this grounding and humbling was, of course, FC Pune. Here’s the thing though. The high flying team still remains in the best position in the league and the blogger only mortified. Both have a way to go before being counted out completely. Continue reading

Bengaluru Tactically Outclass Pune: FC Pune City 1 – 3 Bengaluru FC Review

Roca Shows Popovich Who’s The Boss

Have no doubts about it – Bengaluru FC will be in the semi-finals this year. Whether they win it all in the end or not cannot be predicted but they will definitely make it to the playoffs. No team in the league exhibits the kind of solidity that they do. No team has even showed the kind of tactical agility that Bengaluru has shown in the last five games. The way they won this game is a testimony to how versatile their tactical playbook is and how evolved their teamwork is. Before I explain why I made that statement, though, a word for FC Pune City. Continue reading

Top of the Table on the Line: FC Pune City vs. Bengaluru FC Preview

Time to Prove Title Credentials

It isn’t often that you see a top of the table clash but feel certain that you know who’ll win it. Generally speaking, teams at the top end of the table are close enough for you to be unsure about predicting the result. As I write this, I have a fair idea of who will win this game but hold on my dear Watson, it isn’t so elementary. Continue reading