Referee Takes the Spotlight: FC Pune City 2 – 1 Mumbai City FC Review

Penalty Denied; Penalty Given; Game Changed

Mumbai City FC fans will tell you that the referee took three points away from them. I don’t like partisanship but I can’t disagree fully with Mumbai City fans here. Still, I want to tell Mumbai City FC fans that half of the blame for these two lost points lies on their manager. You can’t try to defend a single goal lead for 75 minutes and then complain when you lose the game. It was quite sad really. Continue reading

What Is Wrong With Pune City and Why They Haven’t Performed In 3+ Seasons?

Is Pune City the whipping boy of the Indian Super League? Their historical performance in the ISL seems to suggest so. Let me explain. Pune City came sixth in the first season, seventh in the second, and sixth again in the third. Those are seasons with eight teams remember. Technically, those positions can be said to be mid-table but they can also be said to be third last, second last, and third last. More than anything, though, it is the performance that concerns me. Continue reading

Pune City Falter, Like They Always Do: Pune City vs. Delhi Dynamos Review

Are you wondering why FC Pune City has been so poor since the Indian Super League started? After all, they’ve never stood higher than the sixth position in the league. Well, I have an assumption that I will share in this post with you.

You already know that we’re talking about Pune City because of last night’s game. The score may have ended 2-3 but it flatters FC Pune City. It is only by virtue of three stubborn foreigners that they got two goals. Continue reading