Defensive Disaster for KBFC as FC Goa Dominate: FC Goa 5 – 2 Kerala Blasters Review

Kerala Blasters Torn Apart By Excellent Goan Attack

This game was billed as the ultimate attack vs. defence matchup. It was supposed to be a tight game. Goa must’ve lost their script. This was neither a “matchup” nor a “tight game”. It was a slaughter. It was an exhibition of excellent attacking football. It was Goa’s challenge to the rest of the league. Now, if they can only stop the Lobera – Kattimani Bromance. Continue reading

Bengaluru “Traditionalists” Grounded by Goan “Purists”: FC Goa 4 – 3 Bengaluru FC Review

Bengaluru Conservatives Outshone by Goa’s Purist Football

Didn’t I call this one, folks? Didn’t I call it right when I said it will be tasty? It was tasty like gourmet affairs. It was tasty like pakodas in monsoon. It was tasty like a pint of beer after a hearty steak. Damn it, it was tasty like coming home to your wife’s chai. It was tasty, whatever your definition of tasty is. Continue reading