A Tale of Momos, Vada Pao, and the Chutney: NorthEast United FC 0 – 2 Mumbai City FC Review

Goals Make All the Difference Just Like Chutney Makes All the Difference

I don’t like the new trend of momos with mayonnaise. It’s silly. It takes away the edge of that dish. Without its red chutney, momos are basically boiled chicken in steamed flour. You enjoy the chicken but the bite is missing, if you know what I mean. NorthEast United FC were like that in this game. They attacked but they had no finish to them. I like vada pao too. Like momos, vada pao also get their bite from the red chutney. Mumbai City FC had that garlicky chutney. With that spice and that edge, they won this game. Continue reading

Atletico De Kolkata vs. Mumbai City FC Preview

ATK Bid for the Top Spot as MBFC Visit

Expect a lot of entertainment as the swashbuckling Mumbai City FC visit the home of Indian football to face Atletico De Kolkata at the Rabindra Sarobar Stadium in Kolkata. Considering the previous game between these two teams this season, hosted by Mumbai, this one is going to be highly eventful too.

When Atletico De Kolkata visited Mumbai, the game had everything from goals to yellow cards and physicality to a sending off. Despite what the watchers of ATK may think, it was actually a Mumbai City FC player that was sent off for two yellow cards. It was crucial too because without that sending off, Atletico De Kolkata seemed all set to lose that game. As it was, the sending off allowed them to equalise. That game may be the blueprint for this game.

ATK’s Form & Strategy

sergio-molina-atkAtletico De Kolkata will need to be far more effective in the final third in this game than they were when the two sides met in Mumbai a few days ago. They simply can’t rely on a sending off to have a positive impact on the game. Fortunately, they are in form. In fact, ATK happens to be the only unbeaten team in the league now. More importantly, if ATK’s one game in hand is taken into account, they may well claim the top spot in the league after this game.

ATK has consistency and familiarity on their side since their coach Sergio Molina clearly has a system in place when it comes to formations, tactics, and personnel. He is retaining his team’s shape and formation from game to game and still managing to rotate his squad in and out of it. He has even managed to tweak his style of play on the basis of his opponents’ attacking prowess.

This isn’t something that many teams in the league can claim. This familiarity will come in handy for them. You can expect ATK to play with a 4-2-3-1 formation. They will depend heavily on their home support too. Kolkata is the hub of football in India which means that ATK has the largest support in the league in terms of sheer numbers.

MCFC’s Form & Strategy

alexandre-guimares-mcfcMumbai City FC, on the other hand, can be best described as reeling if you only consider their last few results. They’re on a dismal run and have only garnered two points from the last 12. This is in direct contrast to how they started i.e. six points from six. However, their last two results can be associated with bad luck.

MCFC played very well in their last game against FC Goa. They did everything right except for putting the ball in the net. In the game before that, the score was 3 – 3 which, in itself, is rare and speaks volumes of the type of game it was. Alexandre Guimares, Mumbai City FC’s manager has an attacking style of play and he makes no excuses for it so we can expect MCFC players to come out of the huddle aggressively.

In Which Forest Will The Tree Fall?

This game has entertainment written all over it. Both teams have some really good players. For Atletico De Kolkata, Sameehg Doutie has been in form. While he has scored only two goals till now, he has been a constant thorn in the opponents’ side. With respect to Mumbai City FC, their most in-form player Matias Defederico may be unavailable which could be a body blow for them. They will rely on their marquee player and legendary Diego Forlan even more now.

As the last game between these sides showed, ATK players are far more disciplined and tactical than MCFC players. MCFC players are also competitive to a fault, which means that ATK’s physicality will rile them up. We can expect a few yellows in this game because of this. Even so, the naivety of Mumbai players will tell in this game which is why we’re plumping for a win for Atletico De Kolkata. ATK to take this game with a score line of 1 – 0.