Delhi Dynamos FC Final 3 Signings: Marti Crespi Pascual, Gianni Zuiverloon, Adria Carmona

On the transfer deadline day, Delhi Dynamos FC may have struck gold not once but twice. Two of their last three foreign signings have the potential to be real star players. Gianni Zuiverloon is an excellent Dutch defender who will be an automatic first name on the team sheet for Josep Gombau. At the end other end of the pitch, they will quickly come to rely on the creative attributes of Adria Carmona who is a livewire of a player on the wings. Continue reading

Lots and Lots of Signings: Josep Gombau, Iain Hume, Gerson Vieira, Mourtada Fall, Robin Singh

Do you know what the problem with East Bengal (and Mohun Bagan) is? They have this high opinion of themselves that is based on nothing but tradition. Neither of these clubs has performed well in the last decades barring one-off titles here or there. Other much poorly funded teams from hitherto unknown footballing parts of the country and overshadowed them. And, they still think they can call the shots… Continue reading