IMD Predicts a Smattering of ISLBLOG Posts; Football Junkies (Funkies?) Want More

My name is Shaleen and I can’t be regular (no, I’m not an addict unless you’re thinking of the football variety). Also, that ^^ is not what my nose looks like.

There. I’ve said it now.

Let me be honest here. If i was following a blog as irregular as mine, I would have blacklisted it immediately. The fact that you’re reading this is probably because we share the passion that is football.

Maybe I’m relying on that passion to pull us through. Pull you through any bouts of mediocrity that you come across this blog and pull me through instances of lack of commitment/lack of time. Continue reading

Defensive Disaster for KBFC as FC Goa Dominate: FC Goa 5 – 2 Kerala Blasters Review

Kerala Blasters Torn Apart By Excellent Goan Attack

This game was billed as the ultimate attack vs. defence matchup. It was supposed to be a tight game. Goa must’ve lost their script. This was neither a “matchup” nor a “tight game”. It was a slaughter. It was an exhibition of excellent attacking football. It was Goa’s challenge to the rest of the league. Now, if they can only stop the Lobera – Kattimani Bromance. Continue reading

The Tasty Tie-up: FC Goa vs. Bengaluru FC Preview

Two Styles of Football to Decide the Age-Old Debate in Football?

This game is probably the most interesting in the entire ISL4 season, if you think about it. You need to be a neutral to see why this game is interesting, of course. You need to forget all the derbies, grudges, and rivalries. You need to be a football purist or a football pragmatist to really appreciate this matchup. I’m a football purist but I understand the position of football pragmatists, which is why I find this matchup to be so damn tasty. I’m talking of today’s game between FC Goa and Bengaluru FC. Continue reading

Chennaiyin FC vs. FC Goa Review

Someone Give Me What Kattimani Smoked At Half Time!

So, Goa beat Chennai yesterday… barely. Thanks to their goalkeeper, Chennaiyin got a very good sniff of a point in that game. I have a feeling they played so well because Laxmikant Kattimani offered them a whiff of whatever it was that he was smoking at halftime. Heck, I want me some of that shit too. After all, it must’ve come from Goa. Continue reading