Multiple New Signings: Tim Cahill, Jhonny Acosta, Andrea Orlandi, Miguel Portugal, Marcos Tebar, Carlos Pena

So, the English Premier League started this weekend and I got to see the “new-fangled” version of the team I’ve been supporting since 1998. That’s right; I speak of Unainal Football Club. Wenger has been such an integral part of Arsenal that, for all intents and purposes, you can say the club was named after him (yeah, I know that Arsenal is one of the oldest clubs in the world. The team was out of sorts, of course, and I do worry we’re all going to regret Wenger’s exit before the season ends. The first match didn’t hearten me at all. But, this isn’t an Arsenal Blog (there are enough of those out there). This is an Indian Super League Blog, so let’s get into the meat of things. Continue reading

Top of the Table on the Line: FC Pune City vs. Bengaluru FC Preview

Time to Prove Title Credentials

It isn’t often that you see a top of the table clash but feel certain that you know who’ll win it. Generally speaking, teams at the top end of the table are close enough for you to be unsure about predicting the result. As I write this, I have a fair idea of who will win this game but hold on my dear Watson, it isn’t so elementary. Continue reading