Bengaluru “Traditionalists” Grounded by Goan “Purists”: FC Goa 4 – 3 Bengaluru FC Review

Bengaluru Conservatives Outshone by Goa’s Purist Football

Didn’t I call this one, folks? Didn’t I call it right when I said it will be tasty? It was tasty like gourmet affairs. It was tasty like pakodas in monsoon. It was tasty like a pint of beer after a hearty steak. Damn it, it was tasty like coming home to your wife’s chai. It was tasty, whatever your definition of tasty is. Continue reading

Armchair Scouting: Who Is Miku Fedor?

When I did a review of foreign players in the Indian Super League, Miku Fedor didn’t feature. That post came out on September 4th and Miku’s signing was only completed at the end of August. There wasn’t enough time for me to update that post. It was too big anyway and I couldn’t really add more to it. I just figured then that I’ll be writing this post in the future and let it go.

For the record, Miku deserved to be a part of that post. More so, than many other players. Why is that? You need to scout the player out for that… oh… right. You’re a smart one. Here’s my report. Continue reading